Frequently Asked Questions
What are the packages available?
Please view our current photography and videography package page for details. For pricing and rates, do email us at We can also customize our packages to suit your event.

How early should I book a package?

About 4-6 months before your event date is a good time to book. The bookings are on first come, first served basis, so if your wedding falls on a popular date (such as blackout dates), it is best to book even earlier to avoid disappointment. The busiest months for us are June, November and December. If you book a photographer for your wedding now, you will lock the package price quoted to you. Bookings are confirmed by making a 50% deposit.

How much will a 2-day, 3-location wedding photography/videography service cost?
For customized wedding packages, please contact us.

What are the additional charges that I have to be aware of?
The number of hours in a package are for service within 1 day. Additional hours are chargeable, as are packages split over more than 2 days (or more), off-island locations and the "midnight shift" (11 pm to 7 am).

It is assumed that the couple provide transport for the photographer when moving from one location to another throughout the day of the wedding. If not, the photographer may claim transport fee to get from one location (e.g. bride's house) to another (e.g. hotel).

Why is my package price different from so-and-so who booked with you last year?
Our prices may vary due to date of event(e.g. blackout dates), ongoing promotions and custom package inclusions. Our package pricing are also revised periodically to reflect current market rates. However, we pride ourselves on giving you the best value so what you get is a fair price for the quality we are offering.

What are the payment options available?

You can pay cash to our representative or through electronic bank transfer.
We also accept cheques.

What are the terms and conditions of a package?
Please view the terms of service here.

Does a WeddingClips photographer carry a backup camera?
Yes, our photographer carries set of backup camera with necesary attachments at all events. In the unlikely event where even the backup fails, please note that WeddingClips' liability is only limited to the amount already paid to WeddingClips by the couple.

Are the images given in high-resolution?
Some photographers may give you low-res files along with your prints so that you have to go back to them whenever you need a reprint. At WeddingClips we give you the high-resolution digital images so that you can reprint your photos at optimum quality at your preferred photo labs.

How long has WeddingClips been in operation?
The team has been collaborating since 2003. WeddingClips is a Singapore registered business (53052297K).

Glossary of Terms
Blackout dates
Certain packages or promotions do not apply on blackout dates. This usually happen when the event fall on a very popular date, e.g. 08/08/08.

Journalistic Photography is a style of photography that captures image from the events to tell a story. Also known as reportage-style, wedding photo-journalism.

Steadicam is specially designed support system which worn by a specialist camera operator to reduce the unsteadiness of the camera while the operator moves. Steadicam usage incurs an additional charge, if not stated as a package inclusion.

Solemnisation Ceremony (or solemnization)
The act of solemnising your marriage. In Singapore, customary marriage before a civil marriage is in contravention of the law and carries a penalty. For more information for civil marriages please visit Registry of Marriages. For muslim marriages, please visit Registry of Muslim Marriages for details. Related terms: ROM, ROMM, church wedding, ijab kabul, pernikahan or nikah.
WeddingClips Light Packages are suitable for solemnisations ceremonies.

Midnight Shift
The hours between 11 pm and 7 am.

Photos are saved in .jpeg format on a DVD-R disc to be read on a DVD-ROM drive of a computer. The photo disc is not meant to be played on a DVD-player, although it is possible to do so on some newer players. The photo disc is the digital master copy of your photos. It is advised that you make copies of the disc for safekeeping and use the copied disc when redeveloping photos at the photo lab.

For videos, footage is saved as a DVD movie file on a DVD-R disc and is playable on both computer drives and DVD players. There may be some compatibility issues with playing DVD-R on early DVD-player models which only support DVD+R format. If this is a problem, we will re-burn the footage on a DVD+R disc. Currently, there is no single standard format for recordable DVD.

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